Who we invest in
When making an investment decision, SoundBoard looks for noteworthy founders and unprecedented leadership teams. We specifically focus on evaluating the leader/s of each company across the following criteria by leveraging formal tools & assessments:
Listens to understand, not to respond Surrounds themselves with the right people who complement their gaps Demonstrates salesmanship and a drive toward breakeven Is able to manage and execute on the vision Recognizes the importance of the companys culture
What we invest in
We focus on post-concept companies raising their Seed or Pre-Series A round that have demonstrated deep understanding of the market and client base. 
While we are relatively industry agnostic the following areas are where we see continued innovation in the coming years:  
Infrastructure / Transportation
Real Estate / Construction
Where we invest
As a group of entrepreneurs we've had our share of challenges and struggles so we are targeting entrepreneurs outside of the core startup ecosystems where brilliance exists but capital is not as readily available.
How we invest
Our Diligence hones in on leadership as the founders and  leaders are central to the success of the company. Beyond that we're looking for companies that are leveraging technology in novel ways and are building companies that can get to sustainability in the near term.
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