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Richard Magid


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Richard's Journey

Richard’s early career in international trade finance and corporate banking provided him with the experience and instincts for managing risk.  In the early 1980s, he successfully managed the risk on a loan portfolio in excess of $3 billion for Societe Generale.  Richard’s financial skills are compounded by his tenure as a commodities trader, managing his own accounts in trading options and futures on the New York Board of Trade (formerly the Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa Exchange). Along the way, Richard built and sold a wholesale/retail food business and was integral in securing funding for the start-up of a staffing company. His passion for working with business owners who want to grow, succeed, and profit by improving their leadership skills has led him to a lifetime of diverse experiences.
Richard is recognized as an expert in leadership coaching and management training, founding Soundboard Consulting Group in 2000 to support business leaders and executives to build more productive and profitable companies through the ideals of collaborative leadership. His philosophies on leadership are described in his book, Small Shifts Towards Collaborative Freedom, published in 2011. Through Soundboard Consulting, Richard has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and their managers across a broad range of industries.

In 2012, as Partner and co-founder of the Soundboard Angel Fund, Richard extended his reach into the start-up world.  In addition to his personal angel fund investments, the Fund has invested in over 20 companies across a broad range of industries.  In 2021, Richard helped launch a second fund, SoundBoard Venture Fund.  That fund has invested in almost 15 companies to date.  Richard brings his experience in evaluating leaders and their senior teams to the Fund’s due diligence process.
Richard’s other interests include collecting modern and contemporary art, traveling, and supporting two impactful charities; Defy Ventures (entrepreneurial training for the incarcerated population) and Miracle Corners of the World (leadership training for young leaders around the world).


On the personal front, Richard has been married to Carol-Ann for 43 years and has two talented daughters (Jessica and Risa) and three beautiful grandchildren (Amelia, Milo, and Ethan).


Richard earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Masters in International Finance from New York University.  He is trained in advance facilitation, conflict resolution and executive coaching.

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